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The Cashflow Hustle

Feb 26, 2019

Seth Williams is a land investor and residential landlord, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial banking industry. He is also the Founder of - a real estate investing blog that offers real-world guidance for real estate investors.

Feb 19, 2019

Gene Guarino is President of Residential Assisted Living Academy™ in Phoenix, AZ and has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business. Today, Gene is focused on just one thing… investing in the mega-trend of senior assisted housing.

Feb 12, 2019

Scott Carson is the President of and host of the Note Closers Show Podcast. He has been an active note and distressed debt investor since 2008. Austin, TX is home. His group has helped thousands of real estate investors with distressed notes - helping them to acquire and maintain "the Cashflow Hustle"

Feb 5, 2019

Dave Zook is a successful business owner and an experienced real estate investor active in Multi-family apartments, self-storage and the ATM space.
Dave and his investors own well in excess of $100 million dollars of real estate acquired since 2009.